Monday, January 28, 2008

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Is 8:23—9:3
1 Cor 1:10-13, 17
Mt 4:12-17

Darkness. It’s something we live in about half the time. That’s not surprising since it is the way the world is made. The sun rises, the sun sets, so we live part of our lives in darkness. In this part of the world, at least, that averages out over the year to about a 50-50 split, half of the time we spend in darkness. We don’t like that very much, being in the dark. We tell children not to be afraid of the dark, there’s nothing there that isn’t there in the light, but deep inside of us there is something visceral that just doesn’t like being in the dark. That’s why we work so hard at mitigating the dark, coming up with all forms of artificial light, so we won’t be in the dark. We don’t like not being able to see what is around us, not knowing what is there. Yes, we get past our fear of the dark, we know that the sun will come up, that the light will return. There is another kind of darkness that we live in, a darkness that isn’t so easily escaped. Some people live in darkness brought about by illness and disease, physical illness and mental illness. Illness works to draw us into the dark, it chases away our peace, our joy, our happiness. It seeks to put us in darkness and keep us there. Then there is the darkness of sin, the darkness we all live in when we fail to love as we are called to love, when we act selfishly rather than selflessly. When we hate, when we are angry, when we choose to not love, we are pulled into darkness that, on our own, we cannot escape. Yet there is hope. The people who sit in darkness have seen a great light. The Son had risen, the light of Christ illuminates the world, calling us from the darkness into the light. The Light is comfort for those who suffer, bringing solace and peace. The Light is peace, love, forgiveness for all of us who live in the darkness of sin. This Light, unlike the light of the sun, never sets. The Light of Christ is there for us always, calling us away from the darkness of pain and sin, into the light of peace, comfort, forgiveness, and love. All we need do is heed the call of Christ, come into the Light, the reign of God is at hand.

Deacon John
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Jan. 27, 2008