Sunday, March 04, 2007

Second Sunday in Lent

Gn 15:5-12, 17-18
Phil 3:17—4:1 or 3:20—4:1
Lk 9:28b-36

Every baby that is born has one thing in common with every other baby born, they all have potential. Now they may not all have the same potential, some may be potentially great leaders, some scholars, some athletes, some artists. Talent, of course, plays a role, but perhaps more importantly, there must be desire, I can have all of the potential in the world, but it does me little good if I do nothing to develop that talent so that I may live up to my potential. If I don’t work at it, my potential will disappear. Potential is what the gospel today is all about. Jesus takes Peter, James and John to the top of a mountain where he prays. But as he prays he changes, he is transfigured in front of their eyes. They get just a brief glimpse of the glory that is the Second person of the Trinity, the glory that is God. The potential in the story isn’t Jesus’ potential, he is the Son of God. It is the potential that is shown to the followers of Jesus, the potential they have of being in that glorious presence always. Jesus wanted them, and us, to catch just a glimpse of the glory that we may see, that we may share, that we have the potential of sharing eternity with. We all have that potential, the potential to share the beatific vision, but, we have to work at it. Yes, God’s love is a gift, freely given, but we must make the choice to accept it. We must work to live out the call that God gives to each of us, the call to follow, to live that love. We have the potential, if we choose to develop it. During this Lenten season, let us strive together to reach our potential, to stand in the glorious presence of our God.
Deacon John
Second Sunday in Lent
March 4, 2007