Thursday, April 09, 2009

Holy Thursday

Ex 12:1-8, 11-14
1 Cor 11:23-26
Jn 13:1-15

The water poured over their feet, into the basin as he washed their feet. Water, but more than water, as Christ poured himself, emptying the pitcher of water, emptying himself. Wine poured into the cup, the cup he took, and blessed, and gave to them to drink. Wine, but more than wine, as Christ poured himself into that cup. He emptied himself, giving all that there was to give, all for them, all for us. It was an act of kenosis, self-emptying, the total pouring out of all that he had, all that he was, all that he is. A pouring out of self, an emptying of self for us. An example for us to follow, a call for us to empty ourselves. We pour out ourselves for others, but more than ourselves. We empty ourselves giving what was poured out for us. We pour ourselves out and into the new life we share, our new life gained as we empty ourselves into Christ.

Deacon John
Holy Thursday
April 9, 2009